The majority of the 770,000 car thefts that take place each year are committed by professional car thieves. Most are looking for vehicles they can sell to "chop shops" who will dismantle the car and make money selling the parts. These professional thieves are smart, and they know how to steal a car quickly. Even so, at least half of auto thefts that happen each year are preventable if drivers would follow basic theft prevention tips like these:

  • Equip your vehicle with some type of anti-theft system and/or devices. Thieves like easy targets, and these systems work to deter criminals.
  • Remember to lock your doors and take your keys with you every time you get out of your vehicle.
  • Absolutely never leave your keys in the ignition or leave your vehicle running.
  • Thieves like dark places where they can hide. Avoid parking your car in dim areas. Look for well-lit, open parking areas.



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