Learn About Nissan LEAF Benefits

Fuel economy is a big deal to many drivers today, and the new Nissan LEAF is a popular electric vehicle (EV) is one of the most economical vehicles on the road today. In addition, the Nissan LEAF is also a great performer with many convenience and capability features. Check it out at Maus Nissan of North Tampa.

There are several benefits to driving a Nissan LEAF. Because the LEAF is a 100% electric car, you won’t be bogged down with constant maintenance checks for tune-ups, fluid replacement or replacing timing belts and spark plugs. Since it doesn’t require gasoline to operate, you’re helping the environment by not kicking out gas and other harmful emissions. No more planning gas station stops when you commute.

If you’ve never driven an EV, you’re in for the surprise of your life. Pay us a visit at our Tampa dealership, and allow us to set you up for a test drive.


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