See Something? Say something. Every leak matters

Almost nothing strikes dread in the heart of a vehicle owner like noticing a puddle of fluid under your car. We understand. At Maus Nissan of North Tampa, we believe well-informed customers get the most from their ownership experience.

That fluid leaking from your car may come from one of several sources. On a hot day here in the Tampa area, your air conditioner naturally drains water onto the ground. This is quite harmless. Oil leaks, however, are another matter. Your car can leak oil from its engine, transmission, power steering or gear box. It may leak grease from a seal or bearing. You may notice a brightly-colored watery substance that has a sweet smell. This is coolant and has probably leaked from your car's cooling system.

If your car is leaking oil or coolant, please bring it to Maus Nissan of North Tampa right away. It may or may not be an emergency, but you will gain peace of mind and extend the life of your vehicle by acting quickly.


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