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2023 Nissan LEAF vs Tesla Model 3

Today, we’re pitting the original modern EV against an almost overnight trend. It can be easy to go with the EV that everyone is currently talking about, but it’s always better to do some research before making any rash decisions. Don’t worry, your friends at Maus Nissan North Tampa are here with everything you need to know about the 2023 Nissan LEAF and Tesla Model 3 to help make the choice easier for you!

2023 Nissan LEAF vs Tesla Model 3

When it comes to electric vehicles, many people will jump into buying a Tesla Model 3 just because that’s the name that’s been going around as of late. However, many new Tesla owners soon regret their expensive purchase and wish for a more practical and convenient EV. Don’t let yourself fall into this hole! The new 2023 Nissan LEAF is the more sensible option and may only cost you about half the price of a Tesla.


You can choose between two different powertrains for the new Nissan LEAF, both of which offer a great EV experience. The first is a 40 kWh battery which brings you 147 horsepower and a 123 mile-per-gallon equivalent. The second is an even more impressive 60 kWh battery with 214 horsepower and 121 MPGe. The charging options are also incredibly flexible with 3 different voltages depending on the location and wattage of the charge. With fast charging, you can go from 0-80% in anywhere from 40-60 minutes. Plus, the addition of an Eco drive mode prolongs your battery life while you’re on the road. And to start you off, Nissan has an available charging program that comes with complimentary charging sessions!

2023 Nissan LEAF Batteries 2023 Nissan LEAF Charge Types
● 40 kWh / 147 HP / 123 MPGe ● 60 kWh / 214 HP / 121 MPGe ● 120-V standard outlet ● 240-V home and public charging ● 480-V public DC quick charging

Tesla likes to boast a 279-450 horsepower range for its new Model 3, but they lose sight of what people actually want in an all-electric vehicle. EVs are about comfort and convenience while being eco-friendly, not how fast they can go on the road. Rather than being a racecar, an EV should act as the perfect companion when carrying out your daily activities or else you would be better off looking for a performance-driven vehicle. With this being the case, the LEAF provides a more practical experience that you will appreciate much more.

Safety Features

Safety is where Nissan always excels because of their commitment to adding its abundance of useful safety features to every new model they create, and the LEAF is no exception. Of course, the new 2023 LEAF comes standard with Nissan’s famous Safety Shield 360 for a safer drive everywhere you go. And because EVs act as proof of us finally reaching the future we always dreamed of, Nissan also added a handful of intelligent features. Lastly, ProPILOT Assist is the icing on top with guidance that feels like an actual person watching your back.

Safety Shield 360 Available Intelligent Features
● Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection ● Rear Automatic Braking ● Rear Cross Traffic Alert ● Blind Spot Warning ● Lane Departure Warning ● High Beam Assist ● Intelligent Forward Collision Warning ● Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention ● Intelligent Lane Intervention ● Intelligent Trace Control ● Intelligent Driver Alertness ● Intelligent Around View Monitor

The new Model 3, on the other hand, is severely lacking in the safety department. All you’ll find here is the basic of the basics like Lane Assist, Speed Assist, Collision Avoidance, and a cabin camera. Even the autopilot feature is questionable in terms of reliability, and the Full Self Driving mode will cost you an extra $15,000 anyway.


Nissan cars are built for both comfort and convenience, and the LEAF delivers plenty of legroom for all five passengers and an automated temperature control system. There’s plenty of cargo space for all of your moving and shopping trips with 30 cubic feet in the trunk with the rear seats folded down. And for the driver, all controls are comfortably within reach to not hinder your drive.

One of the major flaws with the Model 3 is the fact that every single control is only accessible through the infotainment touchscreen. This was an attempt at making the overall interior design appear sleek and minimalist, but it’s actually an incredibly dangerous layout since the driver will need to reach over and take their eyes off the road as they drive. Imagine putting your safety at risk just to set the AC.

Bottom Line

As an everyday EV, you’ll enjoy the 2023 Nissan LEAF much more and at nearly half the price of a Tesla. The LEAF starts at $28,040 while the Model 3 begins at $48,490 with not much to show for the extra $20k you’ll be spending.

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